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2 Cents a Meal/Pantry Sunday

The program is a devotional exercise designed to remind us of the poor and needy at meal times.  Individuals and families commit to give 2 pennies per person each meal time as they say their mealtime prayers remembering the poor.  Some people include their snacks, too.

This money and food is collected on the last Sunday of each month.  The food is taken to the Salvation Army Food Bank.   1/2 of the money collected is given to the Hunger Task Force which is sponsored by the Diocese of Ohio and 1/2 of the money is divided as follows:  1/4 going to the Akron/Canton Regional  Food Bank and 1/4 going to Wadsworth FISH.


The Wadsworth Women Big Book study meets at St. Mark’s every Wednesday evening beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Mission Trips

June 2011 – Apison, Tennessee

Six went to work on tornado damage in the area.


Spring 2011 – Nashville, Tennessee

Flood damage – worked with Habitat for Humanity.

Spring 2010

Worked with Samaritan’s Purse in New Orleans – Hurricane Katrina damage.

Spring 2009

Worked in Gulfport, Mississippi with Habitat for Humanity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast
– Hurricane Katrina damage.


Gulfport, Mississippi working with Habitat for Humanity – Hurricane Katrina damage.


Gulfport, Mississippi working on Habitat for Humanity – Hurricane Katrina damag.e




Coming up…..

-Blue Tip Parade Social
The Tuesday after Father’s Day in June  Wadsworth celebrates the starting of the Blue Tip Festival with a giant parade.  At St. Mark’s  we  host our annual social serving food to the many parade goers in the Wadsworth community.  Our front lawn offers a perfect place to watch the parade.

-Third Grade tours will again be held in April/May of 2022

The Third Graders of the Wadsworth Schools System tour the city and historic St. Mark’s each spring.  They are given a brief history of the building and then are given the opportunity to ring the church bell.  So if you are around town and hear the bell you will know.

-Candlelight Walk
Each year St. Mark’s participates in the Main Street Wadsworth’s Annual Candlelight Walk. We open the church and serve hot chocolate/cookies to the many visitors to this historic building in downtown Wadsworth.  Tours are also given and you are able to ring the bell like many in the past have done!