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Coming up…..

-Blue Tip Parade Social
The Tuesday after Father’s Day in June  Wadsworth celebrates the starting of the Blue Tip Festival with a giant parade.  At St. Mark’s  we  host our annual social serving food to the many parade goers in the Wadsworth community.  Our front lawn offers a perfect place to watch the parade.

NOTE: This year the parade will be held as usual on June 22, 2021.  We will be passing out bottles of water to the parade goers instead of having our usual social where we serve food and beverages.

-Third Grade tours will again be held in April/May of 2022
The Third Graders of the Wadsworth Schools System tour the city and historic St. Mark’s each spring.  They are given a brief history of the building and then are given the opportunity to ring the church bell.  So if you are around town and hear the bell you will know.

-Candlelight Walk
Each year St. Mark’s participates in the Main Street Wadsworth’s Annual Candlelight Walk. We open the church and serve hot chocolate/cookies to the many visitors to this historic building in downtown Wadsworth.  Tours are also given and you are able to ring the bell like many in the past have done!

Due to COVID-19 the Candlelight Walk has been cancelled for 2020…..See you in 2021!