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-Blue Tip Parade Social
The Tuesday after Father’s Day in June  Wadsworth celebrates the starting of the Blue Tip Festival with a giant parade.  At St. Mark’s  we  host our annual social serving food to the many parade goers in the Wadsworth community.  Our front lawn offers a perfect place to watch the parade.

-Third Grade tours will again be held in April/May of 2016
The Third Graders of the Wadsworth Schools System tour the city and historic
St. Mark’s each spring.  They are given a brief history of the building  and then
are given the opportunity to ring the church bell.  So if you are around town and
hear the bell you will know why.

-Candlelight Walk in the downtown area of Wadsworth….November , 2016
The Friday in November before Thanksgiving is the date for the annual Candlelight Walk We open the church and serve hot chocolate/cookies to the many visitors to this historic building in downtown Wadsworth.  Tours are also  given…..and you are able to ring the bell like many in the past have done!